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Wisers Information Portal

Most Diverse Source of Chinese Information Intelligence

Market and Information Intelligence Services for the Chinese-speaking World

Wisers’ 24x7 one-stop information portal provides you the most timely, relevant and comprehensive content in Chinese and English. We offer a one-stop news monitoring portal that consolidates traditional and emerging media with industry and education-related content. From videos to blogs to even cartoons from the New York Post, Wisers Information Portal’s diversified database selection gives you flexibility along with true visibility across varying information sources, sharpening your competitive edge.
  • Comprehensive, Licensed Content

    Hundreds of thousands of cross-media content sources, growing at an average of tens of millions items per day

  • Streamlined

    search for complex requirements with enhanced search efficiency

  • Dynamic and Flexible

    filtering options for highly relevant results

  • Automatic

    cross-database references with direct access to your desired information database or media type

  • Well-categorized

    cross-media result listing in one screen

  • Business-friendly

    user interface and online tools

Why Wisers Information Portal?

One-stop access to the latest information. A huge volume of simplified and traditional Chinese, as well as English content is available in a single searchable and flexible database, with content updated 24 hours a day. One-click result saves your time and effort from repeated searches in different sources.

Identify risks. Leveraging our rich information sources, you will no longer be hidden from crucial news and market information. Wisers Information Portal helps you identify potential risks, and get alerts on the unexpected threats with advanced media intelligence

Discover insights and grab market opportunities. Our media intelligence portal keeps you up-to-date on market trends, competitor activities, local rules and regulations, etc. It helps you see the big picture, discover insights, and grab the market intelligences and opportunities that you have never thought of before.

One Stop News Monitoring Portal Most Diversity

Uniquely diverse, Wisers Information Portal benefits users by providing multiple databases, covering print, broadcasts, websites, social media, advertisements and cartoons.

  • WiseSearch

    Covers leading local newspapers and publications, with most updated breaking news, local and global issues, and broad industry news.

  • WiseSearch Pro

    Extensive local and international sources, aggregated over 1,800 high quality and authoritative print publishers as well as industry-focused content providers, with more than 50,000 daily new items. 

  • WiseWeb

    Monitor worldwide news portals & industry-focused websites around the clock, with extensive coverage from Chinese news and media sites to globally significant sources.

  • WiseVideo

    Covers broadcasting news & featured programs (with transcript), including daily news stories and featured programs from major Televisions and Radios.

  • WiseLIVE

    Chinese focused social media coverage, with 1,500+ highly active Chinese social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, popular China Blogs and Microblogs, hot discussion forums, and more.

  • AdWise

    Print advertisements from Hong Kong and Macao, with daily updates from a hundred of key newspapers, lifestyle magazines, financial and business magazines and industry publications.

  • WiseCartoon

    Worldwide & award-winning cartoon aggregation provides a wide collection of cartoons from over thousands of artists from all over the world, including the Pulitzer Prize – winning cartoonists and illustrators like Joel Pett.

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Identify risks and find new business opportunities with our information intelligence for the Chinese-speaking world. Sign up now to find out more about our online portal.

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