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Superior Social Insights with WiseSocial

A Social Media Intelligence Platform Built and Designed for Local Market

Cutting-Edge Social Media Monitoring and Analysis Tools

Listen, analyze & gain insight about every social media content relevant to you. WiseSocial empowers you to identify issues, trends and opportunities and instantly drill down to the underlying sentiment to take action.  Offering unrivalled results, it is unsurprising that WiseSocial is regarded as a leader among social media analysis tools.
  • Unrivaled Coverage with Targeted Content

    Monitor all influential social media sources including Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, WeChat, HKGolden.com, Discuss HK, Uwants, Baby Kingdom, Xanga, Pixnet, Baidu Tieba, etc. Filter the tremendous amount of content and capture the most relevant conversations with a social media listening platform like no other.

  • Intelligent Sentiment Analysis Improved by Vertical Industry Coverage

    Industry-based powerful AI technology customized for Chinese-speaking world with regular updates on Cantonese and Mandarin vocabularies, slangs and new terminology.

  • Easy-to-Use with Real-time Analytics

    Easy-to-use platform with simple campaign setup under a minute; one-click access to key visual statistics.

  • KOL ranking for WeChat and Weibo

    A ranking for hundreds of thousands selected KOLs covering tens of industries across 30 categories and continuously updated to ensure quality. Daily continuous capture posts and properties to avoid missing any information. A complete indexing system covering influence, engagement, product mentions and ad value.

Why Choose Wisers’ Social Media Listening & Analysis Solution?

Measure marketing effectiveness and social analytics like never before. Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by measuring conversation levels and sentiments.

Benchmark competitors. Track competitors’ activities and online strategies to enhance your competitive advantages.

Manage crisis. Get instant email alerts on negative discussions and rumors in order to manage crisis proactively.

Identify new opportunities. Spot new trends, discover new product usages and consumer needs through auto keyword discovery and top result listing.

Gain market insights. Collect feedback and access trend analyze trends to get important insights.

Discover influencers. Locate top influencers on various social media platforms, via proactive social listening, join conversations and engage with your social community. 

Plan future campaigns. Create targeted, cost-efficient campaigns based on your social insights. 

Powerful Features


  • 7x24 Crisis Monitoring

    7x24 crisis monitoring with instant email alerts

  • Auto Keyword Discovery

    Proactive monitoring through auto keyword discovery

  • Instant Sentiment Analysis

    Instant sentiment analysis with spam filtering, supported by Hong Kong vertical industry technology

  • Highlights

    Highlights to customize monitoring with specific focus

  • Post Filtering And Analysis

    Post filtering and analysis to capture the relevant conversations and provide a quick overview 

  • Result Listing & Real Time Analytics With Charts

    Result listing & real time analytics with charts to guide to the most meaningful information

  • Campaign Comparison

    Campaign comparison to benchmark competitors, products based on various dimensions

  • Account Tracking

    Account Tracking to monitor a particular Sina Weibo page or Facebook fan page closely

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