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A One-Stop Financial News Monitoring Solution

Facing the continuing market volatility and upheaval, China market uncertainty, and information overload, is your risk measure sufficient to identify major risk concentrations of your loan portfolio in the risk-intensive economic environment? Do you have the reliable Chinese news resources to investigate the adverse events on obligors and conduct risk assessment quickly to make critical decisions with confidence?

WiseSignal provides all information you need to monitor and manage adverse media on a single platform, at your fingertips.
  • Extensive Coverage

    Hundreds of thousands of content sources covering print, web, social & broadcast media

  • Comprehensive Stock Market News

    5,400+ listed companies in Hong Kong, China & Taiwan

  • Unrivalled Chinese Content Set

    Tens of billions items archive in the database covering all mainstream media across Chinese-speaking world

  • Unique Chinese Linguistic Expertise

    18 Years linguistic expert knowledge including Cantonese & Mandarin

How can WiseSignal Help?

Stay ahead of risk. From ongoing monitoring to ad-hoc searches, stay informed with every possible source for adverse risks.

Reduce risk exposure. Quickly evaluate your entire portfolios with a complete and up-to-date view of their status and shifts in risk.

Assess and identify risks. Proactively monitor your loan portfolios on negative news and get early identification of potential risks.

Act quickly and confidently. Close monitoring provides you signals to investigate situations from all angles and respond with confidence.

Key Functions


  • Enhance Risk Visibility across Portfolios

    Analyze adverse trends in the levels of company news, industry news & country news; quickly access and identify the obligors who are beginning to exhibit risk attributes.

  • Uncover Actionable Signals

    Spot adverse events instantly with easily consumable information tags on: negative news, management changes, equity changes, violation of securities regulations, legal disputes, and merger & acquisitions.

  • Aggregate Risks and Improve Resolvability

    Categorize articles with user-defined tags to support the reporting workflow.

  • Track Impact of Situational & Sudden Issues

    Monitor and track changes of ad hoc issues triggered by hot events, market changes, new policies or regulations, etc.

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