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The Leading solution in Chinese Media Intelligence
Search, Analyse, Win

World’s Largest Chinese News Database and Content Provider

WiseSearch 6 enables data-driven decision making. FIlters and dynamic charts that guide you through the search experience making working with big data easier than ever before.

The WiseSearch 6 real-time sentiment engine works seamlessly with our industry taxonomy. WiseSearch6's unprecedented coverage includes increased international content and social conversations.

With the new interface, see search results, discovery and analysis in real time.

With WiseSearch6, you can now:
  • Discover

    Relationship, brands and companies with deep industry taxonomy

  • Reveal

    sentiment & brand perception by real-time AI analysis

  • Monitor

    news apps and social influencers

  • Compare or benchmark

    side-by-side in multi-dimension wtih search results in a few clicks

  • Store up to 10 searches

    for close monitor of campaigns and alerts

  • Observe

    trends and popular discussion topics associated with your search

What's New in WiseSearch6?

Powerful new filters and AI :Sentiment, subject, Topic, Issue, Company, Language, Region and more

Turn your search into consumer research with our product level taxonomy and sentiment filters

International Contentand influential sites increased by more than 180%!

Plus everything in WiseSearch5 and Wisers Information Portal:


  • Most Complete

    selection of licensed Chinese print and web content

  • Largest collection

    of searchable licensed scans (news / magazines)

  • Up-to-the minute

    delivery and up to twenty years of archives

  • Media filters

    designed for journalists and professional researchers

  • Listed company database

    covering Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Taiwan

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