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Categorized News from an Unrivalled Range of Sources Delivered in Real Time

WiseNews - Online News Monitoring Service

No more news clippings needed; WiseNews presents filtered and categorized content from an unrivalled range of newspapers, magazines, journals and newswires from across the Chinese region. It enables you to stay abreast of the daily breaking news on hot issues, industry trends, market dynamics, competitor information and company moves, facilitating research and decision-making based on full knowledge, in real time.
  • World’s Largest Chinese News Database

    Our database has tens of billions of article archives dating to 1998 and updated with tens of millions new items every day.

  • Most Extensive Print Coverage

    Aggregating thousands of newspapers and media publications, including all newspapers in Hong Kong, top circulation newspapers and magazines in China and the region

  • Unparalleled Depth and Breadth

    With non-stop, real time updates including breaking news, local and global issues, business and financial developments, and other broad topics

Why WiseNews?

Acquire accurate, comprehensive and legitimate news at your fingertips. Relevant news information, accurately filtered and categorized, from verifiable and recognized sources are delivered in a timely manner.

Identify opportunities and threats. Monitor the competitive landscape to identify opportunities and mitigate threats promptly. Industry trends can be identified practically real-time, and responses to marketing campaigns can also be ascertained almost immediately.

Carry out research efficiently. Save your time and research efforts with the one-stop online platform.

Share information effectively. Information flow is enhanced through the centralized platform, yet content is accessible from multiple locations simultaneously, ensuring effective and efficient communication.

Key Features


  • Intuitive Tracking and Categorization

    Standard or customized, tracking folders allow unrivalled grouping by subject, keyword, industries and stock codes.

  • Advanced and Flexible Search

    AI-powered search engine enables a swift and thorough news search by keyword, date, category, publication, author or listed company.

  • Comprehensive Search Results

    The integrated thesaurus allows a truly comprehensive search by keyword through a smart term linking process and a bilingual automatic translation (from Chinese to English and English to Chinese).

  • One-stop Result Display...

    with headlines, date, media sources for quick screening. 

  • Direct Source Selection...

    allows users to focus on specific news coverage by publication among those categorized news while filtering out the other sources that are not relevant.

  • Text or Image View

    Both full text and/or original scanned images are available for viewing, printing, emailing, downloading or saving. 

  • Email Alert

    Immediately alerts on important issues, allows fast response.

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