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Elevate Sales Capability with a Real Time 360-Degree View of Your Business

WiseInsurance delivers first-hand insurance industry and market news, empowers your financial planning with real-time access to comprehensive content across all media, enables you to formulate best solutions to meet clients’ needs.
  • Comprehensive & Timely Information

    Real-time access to comprehensive information across all media.

  • Industry-specific Content Sources

    Covers 300+ Finance & Insurance publications including mainstream newspapers and magazines.

  • Highly Relevant & Categorized Information

    Essential news selected by Wisers professional team.

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    Stay on top of industry dynamics right from your mobile device.

Why WiseInsurance?

Access to latest industry news and market information. Attract prospects with the most relevant news such as latest news on insurance companies, MPF/ORSO market and policies, retirement protection scheme, medical expenses and critical illnesses, unexpected accidents, etc.

Stay ahead of your competition. Identify the hottest news within the industry at a glance; know what other top agents are looking at.

Develop a smart sales tool kit. Create and manage personalized sales materials efficiently and professionally; prepare customized clip books by clients with improved efficiency.

Enhance client’s confidence level. Drive clients’ interest and build relationship by sharing the most updated and relevant news with one simple click. Look professional and remind clients to contact you by attaching your personalized signature on the materials.

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