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WiseEnterprise, A Cutting Edge Media Monitoring Platform

Intelligent Media Monitoring and Analysis Solution Customized for Specific Business Needs

Top Quality Media Monitoring & Analysis Services

With the world’s largest collection of Chinese content sources, WiseEnterprise is the best window to your market. This integrated platform built provides real-time intelligence across all media types, from the executive level to front line marketing professionals, enabling smart decision-making.  It is the perfect solution for negative news monitoring, helping you stay on top of what’s happening with your organisation during times of crisis.
  • Diverse Source, One-stop

    Hundreds of thousands of content sources, from newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, websites, social media to advertisements

  • Dynamic and Flexible

    Dynamic and flexible media search options

  • Quick

    Quick folder search narrows down search results and increases efficiency

  • Comprehensive

    Detailed information and article image with headlines, content, image size, PR values, keyword highlight and meta data

  • Well-categorized

    Well-categorized cross-media result listing in one screen

  • Personalized

    Personalized result display setting at your preference

Why WiseEnterprise?

Know your business. WiseEnterprise integrates all essential information including company news, industry updates, competitor activities, market movements and hot topics through proactive media monitoring, providing a complete view of your business in real time.

Address critical issues quickly with our powerful crisis media monitoring platform. Instant email alerts on negative news and real-time media patterns of key issues through crisis monitoring. These alerts will enable you to devise effective PR strategies for faster response and better crisis management.

Get deep insights and make smart decision. With the power of real-time dashboards, reports and analysis, WiseEnterprise helps you realize true insights, identify trends and opportunities, anticipate needs and act wisely.

Measure and optimize performance. Track and measure the impact of marketing campaigns, brand reputation, and benchmark competitors’ performance, optimize your marketing strategies and tactical plans to boost ROI.

Business Intelligence Features


  • Automatic News Tracking

    Automatic news tracking with highly relevant result listing in a flash 

  • Intelligent Dashboard

    Intelligent Dashboard in real-time, one click to share insights

  • Tracker

    Track and discover relationships among hot newstopics and stakeholders

  • DIY Folder

    Create your own news monitoring folder flexibly 

  • Cloud

    Integrate all your business information on a single platform

  • mClips

    Share important news and images on the go

  • WiseSocial

    Social media monitoring with intelligent sentiment analysis and real-time analytics

  • Product Mention

    Keep a pulse on every mention related to your products with publication details, brand names, ad value associated with its content proportion, etc.

  • Daily News Corner

    Keep you updated of latest news, and effectively publicize important updates to stakeholders via websites & intranets.

WiseEnterprise Brochure.

From negative news alerts to crisis monitoring, Wisers' integrated solution provides real-time intelligence across all media types. Sign up for free trial now to find out more about WiseEnterprise.

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