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A Know Your Customer Solution Powered by the World’s Largest Database of Chinese Content

Do you know who you are doing business with? Do you have the preventive measures for customer identification to minimize the risk of fraud? Do you have the reliable Chinese news resources to conduct complex adverse media research on your customers?

Protect your business with WiseCheck, the only KYC solution offering extensive and reliable Chinese content, delivering fast insight on your customers, and the individuals behind them for governance, risk management and compliance.
  • Comprehensive & Extensive Content

    Hundres of thousands of content sources covering print, web, social and broadcast media.

  • Reliable and Licensed Information

    Authorized by publishers, including thousands of major newspapers, hundreds top journals and magazines in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

  • Premium and Continuously Updated Data

    Adverse media, China cases, CCDI (Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of China) information.  

Why WiseCheck?

Go beyond other solutions with the most extensive Chinese content, local insight & perspective. Screen prospective clients on adverse media, court cases, CCDI information and regulatory breaches to safeguard your business & bring in local insights.

Improve background check efficiency and reduce cost of compliance. Speed risk research with advanced search and filtering tools powered by AI.

Identify and address risks before entering any business engagement. Conduct background check and identify high-risk clients and internal staff on suspected activities, criminal connections, or other criminal acts.

Enhanced due diligence. Discover money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption activities… from adverse media; uncover unknown relationships between people and businesses through intelligent index; prepare accurate and timely due diligence reports, highlight cases requiring further investigation.

Manage client risk exposure throughout the entire lifecycle. Ongoing monitoring to constantly lookout for negative news, perform search on ad-hoc & event-triggered issues, stay up-to-date on any risk exposure.

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