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Understand Your Business in a Big Data Way and Make Data-Driven Decisions

With the rate at which media content is being created and shared today, it is not about how big the data is, but how to integrate fragmented data across media, how to better understand relationships between data, discover the unknown, turn data into intelligence.

Powered by AI intelligence and deep industry taxonomy knowledge, Wisers Business Intelligence transforms unstructured data into meaningful and actionable insights, and helps you to achieve ultimate business value.

By applying vertical industry knowledge into linguistic data analysis, combining with Artificial Intelligence, Wisers enables you to generate focused and accurate results, helping you to discover new market insights, understand the real voice of consumers, and benchmark against their competitors.
  • On Time, In Format, Every Day

    Advertisement articles directly from all local newspapers and mainstream magazines are updated every day.  Content is uploaded early in the morning in image format, enabling fast delivery of latest information.

  • Online Distribution and Archiving

    All monitored content is stored online and sorted according to pre-defined criteria most commonly used by sales and marketing professionals, including brand, period, share of voice, media segment, industry top players, product category, etc.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    wise_bi provides access to a full suite of tools in one integrated and easy-to-use platform.  You can assign company specific attributes to each advertisement – such as ad-value, Share of Voice or equivalent – for further analysis. 

WiseBI Provides

Comprehensive brand monitoring & analysis
Tracking brands hot topics, share of voice and brand reputations

Product reputation benchmarking
Analysing competitor products, product experience for product optimizations.

Marketing campaign evaluations
Monitoring data of marketing campaigns at real time for result evaluations>

Understanding consumers 
Quantifying buy factors, circumstances and illustrating customers' interests and perferences

Tracking of service accessment 
Listening comments, enquiries and complaints from social media at real time for data analysis.

Flexible data customization
Data customization for users' needs.

WiseBI Privilege


  • Leading big-data database covering all media

    Covers all media including print, web, app, Facebook, Weibo, Wechat, forums, blogs, etc.

  • Advanced Natural Languange Processing Technology

    Chinese phrases segmentations, sentence semantics analysis, content clustering, hot keywords retrieval, automation and robotics, sentiment analysis

  • Fine Proficency of Structural Tags

    Enhance data quality by continuously adjustment with taxonomy technologies and industry experts

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