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WiseEnterprise Mobile App

Brings You Real-Time Visibility

Media Monitoring & Intelligence App for Enterprises
Anytime, Anywhere

WiseEnterprise Mobile App delivers the content you want, when and where you want it. This innovative, media intelligence platform lets you leave the office while staying on top of all vital information and taking action on the road. Save time and work with the powerful tools that you’re familiar with.
  • Stay On Top

    Stay on top of your corporate news, anytime, anywhere

  • Stay Alert Instantly

    Stay alert instantly on important news and critical issues via push notifications

  • Get Insights in a Flash

    Get insights in a flash get analytics and track performance to discover insights in a tap

  • Make On-the-spot Revisions

    Make on-the-spot revisions edit articles right from your mobile device

  • Collaborate & React Anywhere

    Collaborate and react anywhere share critical issues in just a few taps, collaborate and act on the go

What Our Innovative 
Media Intelligence Platform Can Do


  • Catch up on important news on your way

    View articles across channels including publication, web, blog and forum 

  • Filter out the noise

    Access to the most relevant results on the go via quick search and filter functions

  • Manage crisis proactively

    Get instant alerts on critical issues via push notifications

  • Access dashboard and analytics in real-time

    Get dashboard updates, overview and insights in a flash 

  • Edit and manage articles at your fingertips

    Label, move, copy, delete, sort, or insert customized content and remarks in the articles at your preference 

  • Share content from anywhere

    Share latest content and updates with your team via email, SMS or instant messaging

  • A customized media intelligence solution for editing and sharing articles

    Use the mClip function to reorder and sort articles, create your own clippings, and share the entire clipping to anyone with an email address

  • Allow offline access

    Access to articles in “My Favorites” folder, with or without internet connection

Learn More about our Mobile Intelligence Solutions

If you would like to find out more about this media monitoring and analysis app, contact Wisers today.

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