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The New Media Database for High School Liberal Studies

Specially designed for Liberal Studies in secondary schools, LSWizard (通識科斗) provides relevant, quality and reliable news and information in line with education needs.  Powered by Wisers’s proprietary search technologies and content specialization, the platform supports dynamic teaching and study needs, and greatly enhances efficiency.
  • One-stop Search

    Minimizes the time and effort involved in searching across different content sources.

  • Ls Tagging

    Auto-tag helps pinpoint the most relevant content by stakeholders, issues and LS modules.

  • Diverse Content

    Wide coverage including video, cartoons, tables and charts, reports, government & NGO websites

  • Personalized Archive

    Assists teachers to create assignments and prepare teaching materials.  Builds student study portfolio and keep their research materials systematically.

Why LSWizard?

Access to relevant content from credible sources. All information on the platform is filtered particularly for Liberal Studies and secondary level, it is safe, reliable and relevant.

Reduce research effort. One-stop platform with powerful search functions & features, saves your time and effort in collecting information.

Helps teachers to create interactive and interesting classes with quality new media content sources.

Sharpen students’ critical thinking. Arm with filtered and LS tagged information to help understand related concepts and sharpen critical thinking from multiple perspectives.

Gear up students’ research skills for homework and preparation of tertiary education.

Use anytime, anywhere. A web-based information platform that can be accessed on school grounds or at home, without time restriction

Unique Features


  • Assignment Management

    One-stop management platform for student assignments, teachers can create, distribute, receive, review and even archive the assignments systematically. 

  • LS Quiz

    Practice and get prepared for the DSE exam.  Each quiz is updated weekly with 3 topics, including Cartoon, Report and Video.

  • My Knowledge Archive

    Provide general APA citation format automatically.  It allows you to filter saved contents by Stakeholder/ Issue/ Media Type.

  • Hot Issue

    Filtered content of “Weekly Hot Issues” and “Weekly Hot Stakeholder” by Wisers experienced editors, helps teachers prepare materials and improves classroom efficiency.

  • Save Video Segments

    Save searching and viewing time with video segments divided according to different stakeholders, allows viewing the desired segment directly and saving videos to “My Knowledge Archive”.

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