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Understand the Impact of Print Advertisement Coverage in Hong Kong and Macao

AdWise enables you to monitor the advertisement content in Hong Kong & Macao from publishers on a timely basis. Results can be tracked, edited and analyzed using a suite of tools designed specially to leverage Wisers' unrivalled archive for marketing and PR professionals.  With AdWise, you get access to the most comprehensive and updated archive of advertising content, providing you the advantage to properly devise marketing strategies and counter threats.
  • On Time, In Format, Every Day

    Advertisement articles directly from all local newspapers and mainstream magazines are updated every day.  Content is uploaded early in the morning in image format, enabling fast delivery of latest information.

  • Online Distribution and Archiving

    All monitored content is stored online and sorted according to pre-defined criteria most commonly used by sales and marketing professionals, including brand, period, share of voice, media segment, industry top players, product category, etc.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    AdWise provides access to a full suite of tools in one integrated and easy-to-use platform.  You can assign company specific attributes to each advertisement – such as ad-value, Share of Voice or equivalent – for further analysis. 

Why AdWise?

Stay on top of your competitors. Monitor multiple advertising channels and competitors simultaneously, giving you timely insights into competitor actions and emerging market trends.

Improve efficiency. AdWise saves both your time and effort to search, read and even run analysis report on the advertisement information from various content sources, freeing staff from routine advertisement monitoring tasks.

Understand your advertising campaign impact. Track your advertising campaigns and measure the significance of your coverage as compared to your competitors with precise advertisement figures including publication titles, ad-sizes, ad-values, etc.

Refine marketing strategies. Refine your marketing strategies and messages by conducting detailed analysis of advertisement content of all your competitors.

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