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Our Customers

We serve about 2,500 clients around the global, including local blue chips and Fortune 500 companies, international banks and financial institutions, as well as the governments of the Peoples Republic of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Some of them are:



    • Ageas Insurance Company (Asia) Limited
    • Alibaba.com Limited
    • Cable TV
    • China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited
    • Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
    • GlaxoSmithKline Limited
    • Hong Kong Film Archive
    • Hong Kong Tourism Board
    • Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited
    • Samsung Electronics Hong Kong Company Limited
    • Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
    • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    • The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Limited


  • Jonathan Liu 

    Corporate Communication Officer

    ELCHK, Social Service Head Office

    "In thing ever growing media world, it’s becoming more difficult for corporates to gather relevant news and information from various media, especially web media. The social service organization, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong (ELCHK Social Service), established the corporate communication department since 10 years ago to enhance the communications with the public and media. They organize press conferences, prepare advertisements and promotional activities. To evaluate the results, they started using Wisers solution in 2013.

    Listening, Understanding, Responsive

    “Professional, quick response, trustworthy” are the impression of Wisers to Mr. Jonathan Lee, Corporate Communication Officer, ELCHK Social Service. “Wisers is professional. We are confident of their experiences and extensive coverage.” Wisers’ solutions helps Jonathan on his daily works but what really touched him was the customer support of Wisers. “Very responsive. They provide prompt actions and solutions even in non-office hours!”

    Apart from the great solutions and service, Jonathan is impressed with Wisers’ continuous activities to maintain customer relationships. “Wisers always keep in touch with old customers like us. Their Seminars and annual Appreciation Night really helps keeping us updated and provide a good chance for communications.”

    ELCHK serves the community with love, while Wisers solutions allow them to signal the weakest one in the society and to provide the best service.

    Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service

    Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong (ELCSS-HK), one of the largest NGOs in Hong Kong, was established in 1976. They serve over 2 million head counts per year via services sectors in child, youth, family, elderly, drug rehabilitations, and employment & community."

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  • Rachel Lee 

    Corporate Communications


    The retail industry is highly competitive and dynamic, how to grasp comprehensive and timely information is a big challenge. As an emerging online shopping platform, HKTV needs to stay abreast of corporate news, industry trends and market dynamics to respond quickly to changes and devise insightful strategies.

    Ms. Rachel Lee from HKTV Corporate Communications Department, explains the challenge faced by the group, “the traditional way of news clipping is time-consuming, manual, yet easy to miss out key information. Back in 2003, we realized that we needed a smarter way to stay close to corporate and industry news, and at the same time, to save personnel time and effort.” Apart from easy access to accurate, relevant and comprehensive information, cost and functionality are also HKTV’s key concerns in selecting a platform.

    React Quickly & Wisely with Real-Time Intelligence
    Wisers, equipped with the world’s largest Chinese media database, became their most reliable solutions provider. More than a decade since then, Wisers is still their trustworthy firsthand information source. Searching company and market news from Wisers platform became a daily habit of Corporate Communications staffs. “The company news, industry updates and market trends provided by Wisers sharpened our strategies and facilitated our staffs to encounter this ever changing market with firsthand news.” Said Rachel.

    Sharing Insights with Enhanced Efficiency
    Wisers platform provides HKTV a quick and efficient way to manage information, the real-time insights can also be shared across relevant teams in the company with a few clicks. Rachel describes Wisers in 3 words: CONVENIENT, FAST, ACCURATE.

    “Previously we needed to manually search through newspapers, magazines and websites to find relevant news, produce and store clippings, it was a lot of time-consuming work. With Wisers, we can now access all information including historical data in one place, quickly pinpoint, download and share useful information, saving us tedious hours of scrubbing through piles of clippings and reviewing irrelevant items,” says Rachel.

    “The Wisers team has always been very helpful. There was an occasion that we couldn’t find a particular news column and called Wisers for help. Not only did the Wisers team respond instantly to solve the problem, they also investigated the issue thoroughly. We are really impressed with Wisers’ swift response and service throughout the years,” says Rachel.

    Hong Kong Television Network Limited
    Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV) is a Hong Kong Listed company. Established in 1992, the group possesses extensive and successful experience in telecom market liberalization, popularizing advanced technology and applications. The Group currently engages in the development of Hong Kong's largest 24-hour online shopping mall, HKTVmall, providing a "one-stop shop" platform to people in Hong Kong , including entertainment, online shopping, and delivery service.


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  • Tsui Wah Group 

    Corporate Communication

    Tsui Wah Group

    "In the old days, if they want to collect company news and market information, somebody had to go through every single newspaper of the day, browse hundreds or even thousands of webpage for those news and information, and then consolidate all these information to compile such a report. All these works were painful and inefficient.

    Later on, the group started using Wisers’ solution - WiseEnterprise in 2013. From that day, every news related to the group, the market and their competitors will be listed in the WiseEnterprise portal in every morning. They can instantly download, share or even distribute the news to the staffs across different departments. In case of any critical incident, they can easily share the information to everybody in the group to work out the remedy quickly. Share of information became much easier

    With Wisers platform, Tsui Wah group can collect, share, and archive information more systematically. It eased the information flow and enhanced the communication efficiency. Also, since everything is saved in Wisers’ portal, they no longer need to worry about storage or missing any information.

    Wisers solutions helped Tsui Wah Group to stay on top of the company and market news. It geared up the information flow of the group, and enabled quick and flexible decision.


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  • Mr Buddy Lam  

    Vice President
    Corporate Public Relations

    Galaxy Entertainment Group

    "Wisers provides Galaxy Entertainment with comprehensive news platform and analysis reports, helping the team to grasp the latest market intelligence, plan and devise marketing strategies more effectively."

  • Professor Sam Chu  

    Faculty of Education

    The University of Hong Kong

    "WiseNews is a practical and helpful information resource beneficial to student learning. In my inquiry-based learning research conducted at a local school, before WiseNews is brought in for the primary four students, they mainly use individual local educational sources for their group project learning. With WiseNews, students were able to tap into a much greater variety of sorted news sources both locally as well as from other places like the mainland, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore. Students commented that the database was useful for their projects and they also obtained a much higher grade for their group projects when compared to students in the previous year. As a lecturer and researcher in knowledge management and inquiry based learning, I recommend the utilization of WiseNews not only in business, but also in educational setting."

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  • Anita Mau  

    Public Relations Affairs Department

    Hospital Authority

    "On behalf of Hospital Authority (HA), I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to the professional service provided by Wisers Information Limited in the past few years that offers a great support to our daily work. The fast, accurate and comprehensive WiseSearch database and information engine serve us well in obtaining medical, social and economic news reports so that we can action proactively, effectively and timely in this rapidly changing social environment. A lot of HA staff use the tailored made "HA Internal News Center" made possibly by Wisers everyday."

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  • Yuwu Song 

    Ph.D., Chinese Studies Librarian
    Asian Division

    The Library of Congress

    "WiseSearch is a Chinese and English language database dedicated for published information from Greater China. As a useful tool, it provides readers and librarians with a one-stop shopping database for news from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other parts of the world. WiseSearch has filled a gap in our Chinese collection at the Library of Congress."

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  • Derek Fung  

    Head of Corporate Communications

    Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd.

    "WiseNews provides us with timely and comprehensive information on media coverage on the company in Hong Kong and mainland China. The customized folders allow us to efficiently monitor relevant news information across the variety of the media from time to time. We count on WiseSearch for searching archive news in previous years when we need to do specific news topics or research. It is no doubt that WiseNews is a useful tool for us to keep a close tap on the public profile of the company."

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  • Kathy Chi-Chu Chiang  

    Vice President

    Transmission Books & Microinfo Co. Ltd.

    "WiseNews provides very up-to-date and comprehensive information about Mainland China and Hong Kong. With its efficient indexing system, it is very easy for users to locate interested information. The other important feature is the growing glossary of terms used across the Taiwan Strait. WiseNews is a very powerful tool to grasp the trend of the Greater China area."

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  • Professor Kam-Fai Wong 

    Associate Dean of Engineering

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    "Thanks to WiseSearch - with its incredibly comprehensive and up-to-date database - we can keep our eyes on various intelligence from a wide spectrum of diverse sources. Their simple, user-friendly and cleverly - designed interface allows us to locate all Chinese & English news articles from the most influential sources in Greater China market with ease. Together with the breadth and depth information provided, WiseSearch contributes tremendously towards our work on preparing academic reports and research projects."

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    Corporate Communications Department

    Unilever China

    "Having cooperated with Wisers for many years, we are still impressed about their timely monitoring and efficient client service."

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