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Information Technology & Telecom

Achieve Continuous Innovation with Deepest Market and Media Insights

Fast product development and time to market is critical for IT and Telecom industry. In the high-tech marketplace, you need to stay innovative and find new ways to differentiate your business.

Wisers solutions for IT and Telecom, used by world renowned brands and companies, provide you a real-time view into opportunities, help you unlock the power of vertical industry intelligence to achieve continuous innovation.

Key Benefits

Improve Visibility

  • Vertical industry content coverage across all media: print, online, social, TV, radio, etc.
  • Achieve a comprehensive, real-time picture of your products at anytime, anywhere via web browser and mobile device.

Monitor Industry News and Manage Crisis Effectively

  • Proactive media monitoring with automatic news filing and tracking.
  • Leverage detailed media, industry and competitor news to keep your strategic planning ahead of the ever-changing landscape
  • 24x7 alerts on negative and key issues, enabling you to monitor and respond to crisis instantly

Discover Insights, Threats and Opportunities

  • Stay ahead by assessing all essential market information including global industry journals, industry news and events, industry hot issues, industry statistics and reports, competitor moves, product reviews, expert comments, etc.
  • Take advantage of the real-time analytics, discover meaningful and actionable insights and support timely, insight-driven decisions

Maximize Unlimited Business Potentials

  • Identify new product ideas via detailed media and market overviews and analysis.
  • Discover opportunities by benchmarking competitors’ performance within your industry and evaluating market insights

Learn How Wisers Solution Can Help a Global Telecom Brand in Product Management

User department:

Product Marketing


Keep abreast with breaking industry news and research information; track all similar products in the region through social media in order to achieve effective product strategy

  • Stay on top of industry and technology development, conduct research for product development
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Gain consumer insight
  • Spot and follow trends, topics and related people
  • Explore business opportunities

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