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A Powerful Research and Studying Tool

Wisers is reputable in delivering comprehensive and professional solutions for academic institutes and libraries. Available in all universities, over 80% high schools and libraries in Hong Kong, Wisers empowers students, teachers, librarians and researchers with the right tools to facilitate teaching, learning, and research.

With Wisers solutions for Education, students and institute staff get fast access to the most extensive news information solution in the Chinese-speaking world.

Key Benefits

Access to Extensive and Licensed Content

  • The world’s largest Chinese and English database of published information from the Chinese-speaking world.
  • Over 45,000 sources of news and information covering print, web, multimedia and more.
  • 3.5 billions of items archived since 1998, growing by an average of 3-4 million new items every day.

Keep Abreast of the Latest News and World Issues

  • Real-time access to the most updated breaking news, local and global issues and broad industry news. 

Save Time and Effort

  • Improved efficiency with the one-stop information platform.
  • Fast and easy access to relevant information through powerful search capability and accurately categorized content.

Learn How Wisers Solution for Education Can Help Teachers in Preparing Classes

User department:

Secondary school teachers for Liberal Studies


Enhance teaching efficiency

  • Support dynamic teaching needs.
  • Keep up to date with relevant information, from news videos, tables & charts, books, cartoons to official news.
  • Save time and effort in preparing teaching materials with robust research tools

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