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Banking , Finance & Insurance

Gain Business Intelligence, Manage Risk

Insurance, Finance & Banking Business Intelligence
Gain insight and mitigate risks with Wisers.

The banking and financial services industry is facing fierce competition, increased regulatory requirements, and evolving customer needs. To gain a competitive advantage, it is important that companies improve their visibility, mitigate risks and find new business opportunities.

Wisers offers customized solutions to leading banks, international financial institutions and renowned insurance companies. We enable you to meet your unique needs with a single, powerful platform. Our services extend to clients across the Chinese-speaking world and throughout the world.

Key Benefits

Improve Visibility

  • Vertical industry content coverage across all media: print, online, social, TV, radio, etc.
  • Market news can be delivered to you as early as 7:30am, providing you the first-hand information.
  • Access to news highly relevant to the industry, such as global financial news, news about each stock on the Hong Kong Stock Market, etc.
  • Achieve a comprehensive, real-time picture of your business at anytime, anywhere via web browser and mobile device.

Manage Crisis and Risk Effectively

  • Proactive media monitoring with automatic news filing and tracking.
  • 24x7 alerts on negative and key issues, enabling you to monitor and respond to crisis and manage risk appropriately.

Discover Insights, Threats and Opportunities

  • Stay ahead by assessing all essential market information including industry news and events, global financial news, credit risk assessments, regulatory reform, industry reports, economic analysis, etc.
  • Take advantage of the real-time analytics, discover meaningful and actionable insights and support timely, insight-driven decisions.

Learn How Wisers Solution Can Help a Banking & Finance Institute in Lead Generation

User department:

Sales & Marketing


Design a smart sales tool kit for front-line managers

  • Real-time update, comprehensive content
  • Centralized content management & distribution
  • Look professional, stay competitive
  • Gain market insight & engage users

Learn How Wisers Solution Can Help a Financial Company in Capturing Opportunities of the Shanghai-HK Stock Connect

User department:



Make smart investment decisions on Northbound shares


Using Wisers Market Intelligence Solution for SH-HK Stock Connect, the company gets access to local china media, up-to-the-minute abd relevant news.

Our insurance, finance & banking industry intelligence services will facilitate financial growth and improve your business prospects. Contact us today to take advantage of our customized solutions and online database.

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