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Wisers is one of the largest Chinese content providers in the world, maintaining a database of 470,000+ content sources and covering Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and overseas. Riding on a steady growth momentum over the past year, the number of Wisers' users now exceeds 100,000, reaching key governmental agencies in Hong Kong and Macao, public utilities providers, industrial & commercial corporations, the academia as well as reputable social organizations.

Leveraging on Wisers' accumulated technological expertise, deep market penetration in Chinese-speaking world and solid client base, our content partners can efficiently expand their business and attain higher return.

Some of the main advantages to
becoming Wisers' content partner include:

Penetrate the corporate market and enhance media influence
In this day and age, the corporate world is hungry for market information and knowledge and Wisers has been there to provide a means for media monitoring and measurement. Our corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies, local blue chips and international financial institutions. Being a Wisers' content partner, you can instantly broaden your market reach to various Asia Pacific countries where Wisers' footprints are found and put your publications on the radar screens of major corporations.
Deliver content effortlessly at no additional cost
Wisers' architecture can effectively support data transfers from multiple computerized editing systems like Beijing Founder's WITS & EagleRIP, CompuServe's In Chinese CS, QuarkXpress, InDesign, PageMaker and XML. As a content partner, you can simply deliver the data files to Wisers via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) without investing any additional resources.
Protect your content by a secured system
Wisers cares about data security as much as our content partners, therefore we have adopted a fully automated procedure for data receipt and processing in order to eliminate leakage of licensed information to unrelated third parties. Furthermore to prevent unauthorized access to our data, Wisers' services are subscription based and our web-based applications are password protected. With all these efforts, you can rest assured that invaluable information provided by your organization will not fall in the unrightful hands.
Subscribe to WiseSearch at a special price
With billions of archived news articles and a robust search engine, Wisers' WiseSearch is very useful for research and editorial work. After becoming a Wisers' content partner, you will enjoy the benefit of a deeply discounted WiseSearch subscription.
Increase market exposure through Wisers' corporate website
At Wisers, we believe in the mutual growth of our business as well as that of our content partners. To this end, we have specially designed a Content section in our corporate website whereby our partners can display their publication logos and web links to promote their brands or put up subscription information for increased direct market access.
Be on the team now!
Do not miss this fabulous opportunity to be a Wisers' partner and be on the team with one
of the largest Chinese news content providers in the world. If you are interested,
please email us.

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