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福建福利彩票快3:Wisers AI Lab

新疆风采电脑福利彩票 www.hbwrp.com Established in 2014, Wisers AI Lab is dedicated to be a world-class applied AI research lab at the forefront of developing innovative, scalable, automated, and intelligent full-media monitoring, search, and analytical solutions.

Driven by artificial intelligence and big data technologies, we strive to discover and identify the intelligence that are the most important, valuable, and relevant to our customers from full-media data stream in near real-time.

World’s Largest, Ever-Growing Chinese Media Content Database

Applied NLP and AI Research Covering the Full Spectrum of Automated Media Intelligence

Technologies for Analysing Diversified Real-World Open- Domain Data


  • Hybrid linguistics + machine learning based Entity Recognition trained on hundreds of thousands of labelled instances
  • Superior recognition accuracies of entities and relations from open domain news data
  • Statistics and contextual cohesiveness based Entity Linking and Disambiguation
  • Proprietary Knowledge Graph consisting of business entities & relationships


  • Supporting 400+ multidimensional topic labels
  • Scalable semi-supervised approach based on semantic word embedding and deep learning
  • Built-in spam detection and advertisement filtering


  • Detecting newly emerged events from cross-media multi-platform data streams in near real-time
  • Multi-level event clustering and tracking
  • Deep Intelligence through knowledge graph mining


  • A variety of models covering news and social sentiment analysis - Hybrid linguistics and machine learning
  • Sentiment embedding combined with deep learning
  • Document, subject and entity level analysis
  • Supporting Mandarin, Cantonese, and English
  • Reliable analysis recognised by trusted media groups
    • National Business Daily: Most Reputed Chinese Listed Companies 2016 & 2017
    • 21st Century Media: Most Reputed Chinese P2P Companies 2017
    • China Business Network : Golden Brands 2017


  • Automatically recognising brand logos & faces in images using deep learning
  • State-of-the-art recognition accuracy

We are hiring!

  • We are a vibrant team dedicated to innovation. Our strong ~30 members graduated from renowned universities around the world, all with PhD or Master degrees.
  • Join us today for an exciting journey together to build the future of full media intelligence. Send your CV to [email protected]

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