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From a Local Start-up to a World's Leading Intelligence Provider

The technical foundation that underpins Wisers' service was originated in 1992 as an academic research project at the prestigious Chinese University of Hong Kong. This core technology led to the incorporation of Wisers Information Limited in 1998 and the launch of the first generation of WiseNews service, aggregating content from 20 sources in 1998.

In 1999, with the support from the Hong Kong SAR Government's Applied Research Fund, and the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, it further fueled the development of the Wisers' service. By combining the best technology with professional expertise, Wisers has quickly become the world’s leading Chinese media and business intelligence provider, offering a suite of services and comprehensive solutions for different industries, including market intelligence, media exposure monitoring, competitive analysis, risk intelligence and more.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with offices in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macao, Taipei and Taichung, Wisers has now around 1,100 professional staff (including contract analysts) serving over 2,500 clients from around the globe, including Fortune 500 MNCs, listed companies, enterprises, governments, NGOs, media organizations and world-class educational institutions.

  • Partnered up with Interactive Brokers and being listed on their investors' Markerplace as a an approvded and recognized research provider.


  • Listed as one of the top ten players to watch in the Outsell, Inc. Market Performance Report - PR, Media, Social, and the Emergence of the Marketing Communications Platform, Jan 2017.


  • Listed as a Top 3 solution provider in the “Text Mining” category of “Big-Data Enterprise Ranking V3.0” by the Chief Data Officer Alliance.


  • Launched the Hong Kong Chief Executive Election 2017 social analytics webpage, collecting and analyzing comments from the facebook fan pages of various media to allow the public to understand the real voice of netizens towards each candidates from a big-data angle.
  • Launched WiseInsurance, a one-stop news solution for insurance and financial-planning industry.


  • Launched Financial & Risk Intelligence solutions, WiseCheck and WiseSignal, to help companies identify, monitor and manage risk exposure.


  • Awarded the “Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 7 consecutive years, recognizing Wisers’ social contributions to the society, and in nurturing a harmonious community for its employees.


  • Launched WiseObserver, an online media monitoring and business intelligence solution providing worldwide intelligence with industry focus.


  • Received the “2016 China Big Data Industry - Leading Enterprise” and “2016 China Big Data Industry - Best Solution” in the 2016 China Industry Informatization Award, organized by China Information World, China Federation of IT promotion, and China Computer Industry Association.


  • Launched WiseSearch 6, an integrated search solution equipped with deep taxonomy knowledge and instant analytics, enabling user to obtain insightful intelligence.


  • Wisers co-operated with National Business Daily to publish the “2016 Reputation List of China”, utilizing Wisers’ Big Data and AI analysis technology to analyze massive articles from various media and online social platforms, providing a ranking covering 2,900 companies in the China A-Share stock market.


  • Aggregated over 400,000 content sources across all media, with an archive of 50+ billion items in database.
  • Launched the new generation of WiseEnterprise Mobile App with editor functions, enabling users to edit articles and access dashboard right from their mobile devices.


  • Wisers has been awarded the “Caring Company Logo” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 6 consecutive years, recognizing its social contributions to the society, and in nurturing a harmonious community for its employees.


  • Formed strategic partnership with Microsoft to integrate Wisers Intelligence into Dynamics CRM.


  • Cooperated with HK Economic Journal on a column to provide stock market insight using big data analytics.


  • Set up Wisers Guangzhou office to cater for the rapid growth of Wisers in China.
  • Established a world-class research lab “Wisers Research” to develop innovative, automated and intelligent solutions by applying breakthrough AI technologies.


  • Launched a social media intelligence solution – WiseSNS with unrivalled local social network coverage and accurate sentiment analysis powered by industry-based AI technology.


  • Aggregated over 10,000 cross-media content sources with even more global web sources and social media sites. All web sources are categorized with clear regional focus for clients’ different market needs.


  • Set up Wisers Taichung office to enhance the service for Taiwan market.
  • Wisers forged business partnership with “Nikkei Telecom”, the market leader of business information database in Japanese world, to expand sales and marketing beyond Greater China.


  • Launched an all-new enterprise solution - WiseEnterprise 3.0, providing sleeker operation and smarter insights to users.


  • Wisers becomes FINANCIAL TIMES’ first Corporate Channel in Asia, offering Wisers’ clients unparalleled access to both comprehensive Greater-China news and global source conveniently on a single-platform solution.


  • Aggregated over 8,000 content sources, with triple-up international web sources, helping clients to navigate a sea of information to gain a breakthrough advantage.
  • Aggregated over 2,500 content sources, including print, website, broadcast, social media, plus industry focused and education-related information.


  • Launched a brand new information platform - Wisers Information Portal, offering a wide range of content sources, including newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, websites, social media, advertisements and cartoons, on one searchable platform.


  • Establishment of "Social Media Research Institute" by Wisers and the Fudan University to conduct comprehensive and in-depth analysis on hot issues discussed on social media, in order to provide users with professional consulting services, enhance the academic research capability and standard of social science studies.


  • Launched a new education solution – LSWizard with new media database for Liberal Studies.


  • Wisers and LexisNexis, the global leading information and service solution provider, formed global partnership to jointly build a more comprehensive global news and commercial information platform in Chinese and English.
  • Launched WiseNews for iPhone, providing users free access to daily breaking news and hot topics on the go.

  • Partnered with Wenhui Xinmin United Press Group on the “Cross-border Broadcast of World Expo” collaboration, allowing users to stay tuned on the latest Expo news through Wisers’ information platforms.

  • Capitalized on the social media trend, Wisers launched a social media monitoring solution – WiseLIVE to meet the market needs.
  • Signed Cooperation Agreement with the International Cooperation Centre of National Development and Reform Commission to build a platform enhancing information exchange.

  • Launched an integrated and comprehensive education solution specially designed for liberal studies.
  • Set up Wisers' "China Advisory Board" to extend Wisers’ business and development in China.

  • Launched an advertising monitoring solution – AdWise, further completing Wisers’ one-stop platform.

  • Set up Wisers Nanjing office to enhance Wisers service in China.
  • Launched Wisers Index, providing daily update on the status of Hong Kong Chief Executive Election.

  • Collaborated with the Public Opinion Programme, University of Hong Kong, for a joint-project "Opinion Daily".

  • Aggregated over 1,500 content sources from print, websites, newswires to broadcast from the Greater China region, being the world’s largest cross-media database of Greater China news and information.
  • Set up Wisers Shenzhen office to cater for the rapid growth of Wisers in China.
  • Established SARS News Centre for BrightenHK Campaign, providing first hand news and updates on SARS.

  • Set up Wisers Macao office to provide service for Macao clients.
  • Aggregated over 330 content sources in Hong Kong, Macao, China & Taiwan, the only provider carrying most mainstream publications across the Greater China region.
  • Launched a customized media and market intelligence solution – WiseEnterprise, providing an innovative, one-stop knowledge management platform for Wisers' clients.
  • Aggregated 120 content sources, including all leading newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

  • Set up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei, Wisers expanded its footprint into other Greater China markets beyond Hong Kong.

  • Accumulated 500 clients, including government organizations, academic institutes and business enterprises.
  • Received HKSAR Government's Applied Research Fund for further development of Wisers’ service.
  • Wisers was founded in Hong Kong.

  • Aggregated 20 content sources, covering most mainstream newspapers in Hong Kong.

  • Launched WiseNews Version 1, first-of-its-kind electronic monitoring service in Hong Kong.

  • Launched WiseSearch, a powerful search engine with unique Information Processing on Chinese search technology.

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